Laurel Gardens | Our Story
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Our Story

Since 1972

Laurel Gardens used to be Laurel Landscaping Co…………

John and Betty Gill began a landscaping installation business called Laurel Landscaping Co. in 1972.


With the help of wonderful employees and the absolutely best clientele, we have grown from a 12′ x 20′ office building to a 3-acre garden center with greenhouses for seasonal plants and a wide selection of landscaping plants that thrive in our gardening zone. Over the years we became known as Laurel Gardens.


As Laurel Gardens, we operated as a garden center and as a landscaping design and installation firm.


After 45 years in business, we decided to concentrate and focus our efforts on the garden center and have leased the landscaping portion of our business to a former employee, Ron VanNorstran. Ron will continue offering landscape design and installation under the original name of Laurel Landscaping Company.


Laurel Gardens plans to continue serving the gardeners of Southeastern Kentucky as a premier garden center for many years to come.